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You are an art collector and collaboration with an artist looking to increase the collection of paintings? Do yo have old artwork and you do not know a restorer of value? Very simple! You'll satisfy your appetite artistic calling the company Sergiu Art of Timisoara, founded by Serghei Pavlov.

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About Serghei

Since his childhood, Serghei started getting familiar with the religious topic, being raised in a Christian family promoting old Christian habits and traditions. The teachings of the family and the passion for the beautiful have raised a particular interest towards art in the young Serghei Pavlov. All these have pushed him towards Art School, Plastic Arts High-School and Faculty, institutions of education which have helped to form an accomplished artist and painter. As the years go along, Serghei Pavlov feels more and more drawn to religious art, particularly to painting and restoring icons, thus pursuing post-graduate studies in the country.

About Sergiu Art

Workshop for painting, restoration and conservation of art
The Sergiu Art Company, Timisoara, is the place in which art and delicacy meet. Valued painters and restorers provide you with their services in the field of painting and restoring works of art, so that you can enjoy the best of your surroundings for a longer period of time. To date, our company's experts have succeeded in restoring and painting a long series of icons, paintings and furniture, where the quality of the works performed and the reliability shown has spoken on the relevant market.